Health Level Seven (HL7) 2.3 Chapter 2 Control/Query Certification Testing Information

Abstract Title: Health Level Seven (HL7) 2.3 Chapter 2 Control/Query Certification Testing Information
Authors: David John Marotta
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Health Level Seven


HL7 v.2.3 Chapter 2 Control/Query Certification is offered by HL7. Successful candidates will be able to add "HL7 v.2.3 Chapter 2 Control/Query Certified" to their credentials.

Certification testing is offered to those industry participants who are expected to have a working knowledge of the HL7 Standard. Interface analysts, healthcare systems analysts, medical software programmers, and medical informatics faculty and students are all potential candidates for examination. The knowledge required to pass the exam can be obtained by participation in the HL7 working group meetings, by attending HL7 education sessions, by field work dealing with HL7 interfaces, or simply by self-study of the HL7 specification.

There are 70 questions on the exam. Candidates will have 2 hours to complete the exam. Candidates must score at least 70% (49 questions) to pass the exam. There is no penalty for guessing.

There are several versions of the HL7 2.3 Chapter 2 Control/Query Certification Test. Each version of the test is different. All tests have the following breakdown:
Sections of the standardNumber of QuestionsApproximate Percentage of the test
2.1 - 2.716-1825%
2.9 - 2.2325-2735%
2.24 - 2.2612-1420%

The test covers all the material contained in Chapter 2 of the HL7 Version 2.3 standard. The successful candidate is expected to know all of the following elements of HL7 Control/Query:

  1. Conceptual approach of HL7 (2.1-2.3)
  2. Elements of HL7 messages (2.4-2.7)
  3. HL7 data types and their uses (2.8)
  4. Construction and processing of HL7 messages (2.9-2.12)
  5. Acknowledgement Messages (2.13)
  6. Query and Display Messages (2.14-2.22)
  7. Special HL7 protocols (2.23)
  8. Message Control Segments (2.24)
  9. Other issues (2.25-2.26)

The successful candidate will be familiar with all of the HL7 data types and their applications (2.8) and all of the segments defined in chapter 2 of the standard (2.24). Please remember that chapter 2 certification testing includes all of the Query Trigger events. Those candidates familiar with control from their experience in other chapters may wish to review the Query sections of Chapter 2 before taking the exam (2.14-2.22). Also the successful candidate will be familiar with all the HL7 data types, and not just those used in a specific set of messages.

Please bring a photo id to the test. No materials are allowed during the test. Pencils will be provided. After the test, you are not allowed to discuss the contents of the test with others. Results will be available 2 days after the test. Unclaimed results will be mailed.

Presenter's Biography:

David John Marotta () gained his undergraduate degree from Stanford, and his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Oregon. Marotta taught Computer Science before moving to the University of Virginia Health System in 1990. In 1999 he became the President of DT7 Software, which provides clinical information systems and integration software and consulting. Marotta developed the first HL7 certification testing, and proctors the exam at HL7 meetings. He also lectures and instructs for conferences, including Health Level Seven (HL7). His resume is available on line at