Health Level Seven (HL7) Interfaces: Implementation Class for Interface Analysts

Abstract Title: Health Level Seven (HL7) Interfaces: Implementation Class for Interface Analysts
Authors: David John Marotta
DT7 Software, L.L.C.
1000 Ednam Center, Suite 300, Charlottesville, VA 22903 U.S.A.
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Health Level Seven


This full day workshop is designed for a technically-oriented audience such as interface analysts, programmers, specification writers, implementation staff and project managers.

The course is designed to provide the basic organizational tools for the analysis, testing, problem tracking, and activation phases of an HL7 project. Attendees will learn general HL7 design, trigger concepts, message formatting rules, data types, enhanced acknowledgement rules, identifiers, and table translation issues. Network capacity measurement and planning issues will be discussed. HL7 will make efforts to customize the workshop to fit your organizationís needs.

Presenter's Biography:

David John Marotta () gained his undergraduate degree from Stanford, and his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Oregon. Marotta taught Computer Science before moving to the University of Virginia Health System in 1990. In 1999 he became the President of DT7 Software, which provides clinical information systems and integration software and consulting. He lectures and instructs for conferences, including Health Level Seven (HL7). His resume is available on line at