David John Marotta, BAS MS

Letters of reference

James R. Paul, Chief Information Officer, University of Virginia Medical Center

"David's work in developing the system, in determining the needs of the user community and in installing and supporting the system in operation has been truly outstanding and the system is a model for how such applications should be implemented." (Complete letter available)

Jim Keizur, Director of Computing Services, Lane Community College

"I want to find a way to recommend Dave such that he stands out above others because he is outstanding in everything that he does." (Complete letter available)

Richard Hillier, Vice President for Administrative Services, Lane Community College

"David is the best programming manager with whom I have been associated." (Complete letter available)

Linda Waddell, Director of Financial Aid and Job Placement, Lane Community College

"David is extremely successful in team building. ... [he] possesses the leadership qualities necessary to be an excellent manager in a variety of settings." (Complete letter available)

William R. Kyker, Grants & Contracts Fiscal Supervisor, Financial Services Department, Lane Community College

"I believe that you could do no better than to hire Dave for any computer programming and/or management position you are filling." (Complete letter available)

Sharon K. Moore, Acting Director of Admissions, Lane Community College

"[David] has exceptional organizational skills. ... I foresee David as being successful in any endeavor that he might attempt." (Complete letter available)

Kay L. Malmberg, CPA Operations Supervisor, Lane Community College

"In addition to being an excellent manager and extremely capable in the field of computer technology, Dave has high moral standards and personal integrity, and boundless energy." (Complete letter available)

Roberta C. Russell, Academic Analyst/Programmer, Oberlin College

"As a colleague I was consistently impressed with his unfailing energy and good humor. ... I recommend him without reservation." (Complete letter available)

Jim Piercey, Dean of Applied Technology, Lane Community College

"Student, peer and supervisory evaluations have consistently given him superior marks." (Complete letter available)

Karen Swank, Data Systems Analyst, Willamalane Park and Recreation District

"The help [David Marotta] gave us in such a short time was invaluable." (Complete letter available)

Julius M. Moravcsik, Professor in Philosophy, Stanford University

"Marotta was one of the most outstanding undergraduates that I have seen in my 14 years at Stanford. ... I cannot think of a comparable record by anyone at Stanford over the years that I have been teaching here. ... Marotta ranks among the best that Stanford has produced." (Complete letter available)

Edward Teller, Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace

"I would expect that the qualities he has amply demonstrated during the years I have known him would make him a highly desirable employee." (Complete letter available)
Photocopies of original letters available on request.

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