David John Marotta, BAS MS

I was born September 6, 1960 in Washington D.C. My family lived in Arlington, Virginia until I finished Jr. High. Then we moved to Palo Alto, California where I went to Henry M. Gunn Senior High School and college, completing a B.A.S. in Electrical Engineering and Philosophy at Stanford University. Krisan and I graduated from college, got married (April 10, 1982) at Pennisula Bible Church and moved to Eugene, Oregon. That Fall I started teaching Computer Science at Lane Community College, later becoming Programming Manager of Computer Services and finishing my masters in Computer and Information Science at the University of Oregon. In 1990 we moved to Charlottesville, Virginia in Albermarle County to be closer to family.

In 1990 I founded and ran for several years Internet mailling lists for Biblical Greek (B-Greek), and Biblical Hebrew (B-Hebrew).

I continue run the mailling list for Health Level Seven (HL7), an application protocol for electronic data exchange in healthcare environments.

I am currently working at the University of Virginia's Health Sciences Center in the Medical Center Computing department. I have been published in ComputerTalk magazine entitled On Standards - HL7: A Primer by David John Marotta. You've heard a lot about HL7, but you're not sure what this is and how it fits into the interface issues with other systems. Here's an excellent primer on HL7.

We have two children. Brendon was born in 1988 in Eugene, Oregon and Megan was born in 1991 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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